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Cookies improve the functionality of our websites and help us make them functionally more efficient and aesthetically better. In this context, the number of accesses to a website, the number of individual websites viewed, the time spent by each user on our websites, the succession of the websites viewed, the search terms that led the user to our Company's website, the place from which the access took place, the browser used and the language in which it is displayed are recorded. Your computer's IP address, which is transmitted for technical reasons, automatically becomes anonymous and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn as to your identity.

Our websites may function satisfactorily without the acceptance of cookies. However, the rejection of cookies may make the use of our websites (or parts thereof) more difficult or less effective or, rarely, impossible. If you do not wish for information to be collected through cookies, you can use most web browsers' settings, with which you can delete existing cookies and choose whether to automatically reject cookies in the future or decide whether to reject or accept each cookie on your computer separately.

Our Company also reserves the right to use, in accordance with current legislation, the information it collects from cookies and the anonymous analysis of the pattern of your use of websites, in order to display specific ads for some of the products on its websites (cookies for online ads based on use).

Our Company reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, and to update the operation of its websites, including the manner in which information and data collected and processed by users are communicated to them.

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